We excited to share with you that Voyages Groupe Ideal and Vision Travel have entered into an agreement to merge with Direct Travel, Inc., one of our top travel management global partners.

As a part of this merger, all divisions of the company including Ideal Travel will adopt the common brand; VISION - A Direct Travel Company, VISION – UNE ENTREPRISE DIRECT TRAVEL.

This move is the next step in realizing a shared strategy to expand our global reach and enhance the services we bring to you. It means stronger relationships, tapping into the most advanced tools and technologies, and leveraging more buying power across one organization. Ultimately, it means we can offer you more choice, while continuing to work with you as your established and trusted provider.

As the companies come together, we are committed to ensuring that this growth strategy is seamless for you and that you will continue to receive the same high levels of service that you have come to rely on.

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